Technology as an effective tool for remote learning

Keeping learning going during the covid pandemic is a challenge facing educators and parents the world over. In recent months, the second wave of the pandemic has been particularly hard on communities in Andhra Pradesh in India. A lockdown has closed most facilities, including all schools.

For many months, pupils, parents and teachers alike have been forced to rise to an unexpected challenge – continuing to provide normal learning opportunities when the circumstances are anything but. 

Bridge Andhra Pradesh has sought to address these difficulties by not simply sending pupils homework to complete at home, but by providing rich educational resources that can be accessed at the touch of a button, and empowering parents to support pupils at home using Bridge Andhra Pradesh Learning Guides that include concise, easy-to-follow lessons alongside answer keys.

We have also developed Self Study Activity Packs that encourage independent study and the practical application of comprehensive skills directly linked to the syllabus. 


Literacy is a fundamental skill for all pupils and according to UNESCO – the goal is to

“to advance literacy as an integral part of lifelong learning and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

Bridge Andhra Pradesh is also providing a plethora of Digital Storybooks, suitable for all age groups, allowing children to access great reading material with ease.

Finally, we are utilising interactive WhatsApp quizzes which allows parents to measure pupils’ learning from home in a fun and engaging way. Bridge Andhra Pradesh parents have been seeing the successes of our @Home learning resources:

“A big thank you to everyone at Bridge International. I have always believed in your course. The home learning website is great.” 

“Well done I want to appreciate you all for the brilliant work you all have put in place at this time to learn online at the corner of our house.”

The success of Bridge’s @Home roll out is underpinned by the technology used to support it. Our tech-based focus is allowing us to adapt to the challenges of education during the pandemic as quickly as possible, and although nothing will replace the learning experience in the classroom, Bridge Andhra Pradesh is leading the way in learning gains @Home – until schools reopen and our teachers, pupils and parents are rising to the occasion once again!