Mobile Interactive Quizzes

To keep your child on a path to success, we have created interactive quizzes your child can take directly on WhatsApp. Bridge@Home Mobile Interactive Quizzes are an effective strategy for helping students practice and retain what they learned. We have hundreds of grade-appropriate quizzes in multiple subjects available. Quizzes provide pupils an opportunity to practice a wide range of skills, from using vocabulary to solving math equations. Pupils receive instant feedback on their success.


How to get started

The Mobile Interactive quizzes are

Fast: they take 3-10 min to complete

Free: these resources are free just like all @Home resources

Fun: They will challenge your child on a variety of subjects. How high can your child score?

Click HERE to find out or follow the instructions on the image to the left.

Take the quiz on your phone!

Click HERE to test your child’s progress anytime with quizzes your child can take at home on your phone. They are free, fast, and will challenge your child on a variety of subjects.

If you are visiting this page from a computer, you will need to use your phone to access the quizzes.

To do that you can:

WhatsApp: 0 to +918071279670 to get started.

Access On WhatsApp

The quizzes are available to all parents or pupils.

If you are visiting this page on your phone, simply click on the HERE to access the quizzes or

WhatsApp:  0 to +918071279670 to get started.

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