Standard 5 graduations into secondary school

Bridge Andhra Pradesh held its first-ever graduation ceremony as Standard 5 pupils completed their primary education and are now ready to progress to Standard 6 and a new secondary school. Also graduating alongside them were the Upper KinderGarten pupils moving from Early Childhood Development into Standard 1 Primary level education at Bridge community schools.

There is no national test for pupils moving from Primary to Secondary education, but all the standard 5 pupils at Bridge Andhra Pradesh were assessed internally and promotion to Standard 6 is based on pupil’s performance in these formative and summative assessments.

Standard 5 pupils graduating, holding certificates

Standard 5 pupils graduating


As well as graduations, Bridge Andhra Pradesh awards the top pupils for their exemplary performance, each year from Nursery to Standard 5. Rewarding top performers is important because:

The 3 awards given out are Academic excellence (for the top 3 pupils), Best in Attendance, and Best in Co-curricular activities.

During the prize-giving section of the ceremony, pupils have a chance to perform and showcase some of the activities they have been involved in through the Co-Curricular programme. Every class performs based on the Co-Curricular activities/ showcase lessons that have been taking place throughout the term, such as singing or dancing. These performances are a great way for parents and community members to see how Bridge nurtures talents inside and outside of the classroom for pupils at different class levels.