Yellapu Vara Lakshmi

Meet Yellapu Vara Lakshmi (above, right) a proud teacher that can see vast improvements in her pupils learning! Lakshmi teaches Standard 4 at Bridge, Yellamanchili, where’s she’s been for a number of years. She loves the wide range of technologies available.

“In the classroom, we use the teacher tablet to get the most out of our lessons. As the lessons are preloaded on to the tablet, I don’t need to worry about planning my lessons before entering the classroom. This means that it helps me to time my lessons better so that I have time to listen to my pupils concerns,” she says.

Through a combination of great lessons plans on her teacher tablet, the techniques she’s learnt working at Bridge and her own initiative Lakshmi believes that all of her pupils are improving in all subjects.

Thank you for everything you do!