Sowghandika Palaka


Sowghandika is a Grade 3 pupil at Bridge, Yellamanchili. When she joined Bridge her teachers found it difficult to get her to engage in lessons because she was very shy. However, there has been a massive turnaround her attitude since she joined.

She’s gone from being a quiet pupil who lacked confidence to one of the brightest and most confident in her class! She’s extremely punctual when completing her work and loves to show what she knows by answering questions out loud. Sowghandika is very inquisitive when it comes to her learning; she hates to miss anything, so is always asking questions about things she doesn’t know.

Her progress has been remarkable—from struggling with her English she is now fluent, and her apprehension of maths has completely changed. For 2018, Sowghandika was awarded best in class!

Bridge provides much more than education. It’s about personal development—Sowghandika is now a happy, confident child.

Her mother is full of praise for Bridge, thanking them for her daughter’s progress.