Seeram Bhavani

Meet Seeram Bhavani, a teacher that’s learnt a lot since she joined Bridge. She teaches Standard 1 at Bridge, Yellamanchili. Over the years, and through teacher training, Seeram believes that she’s grown as a teacher. “I have learnt a lot, such as how to use the teacher tablet. This is important to use because the lessons are pre-planned, so I don’t have to worry about planning lessons in advance,” she claims.

The one aspect of being a teacher that she enjoys the most is the impact that she’s having not only on pupils but also their parents. She says: “When parents tell me that they can see that their children are improving, it fills me with joy. To know that I am helping pupils to become more confident is great.” As a result of her hard work, all of her pupils can now read and write.

In her spare time, Seeram likes to cook. “I believe that cooking is a necessary life skill for everyone. This is something that I always tell my pupils,” she concludes.