S. Jyothi

Meet S. Jyothi, the parent of one child at Bridge, Yellamanchili.

She can certainly see vast improvements in her child, S. Mithilesh. Jyothi says, “I think that my child is a lot more confident as a result of studying at Bridge. This is because of the teachers at the school.”

Not only have teachers increased her child’s confidence, but her son has made many friends at school. “Everybody at the school looks after each other. Everyone wants to be friends, it’s brilliant. This has helped Mithilesh to develop important communication skills,” she smiles.

The one main difference that Jyothi can see in her child is how well they have grasped the English language. She concludes: “I believe that it’s important for children to learn English from a young age so that they can make lots of friends and communicate well with their teachers.”