Ramana Kumar


Meet Ramana Kumar, the hardworking parent of a Standard 2 pupil at Bridge, Yellamanchili.

Ramana made the decision to send his child to Bridge after hearing about how pupil-centred the lessons are. “At my child’s old school, he was not learning as well as he should have. Since joining Bridge, his learning has improved massively,” he says.

It’s easy for Ramana to tell just how well his son is learning. He says: “My son receives report cards very often so that I can track the progress of his work. He also always completes his homework on time, giving teachers the chance to give him constructive feedback.”

One thing that Ramana loves about Bridge is the effort that teachers make to communicate with parents. “Teachers always send messages to parents over WhatsApp explaining when pupils have done something well, or have something they need to improve on. This is very helpful,” he says.

His son’s teachers have certainly helped him to become more confident. He says: “My son can now speak English better, which helps him to communicate with his friends and teachers.”