Molleti Bhavani Bharathi

Meet Molleti Bhavani Bharathi, a dedicated teacher that always prioritises pupil engagement above all else. Bharathi is a Standard 5 teacher at Bridge, Yellamanchili. Having been at the school for a number of years now, Bharathi has certainly got very used to how the school operates.

Ever since joining the teaching profession, Bharathi has always been fully motivated to help her pupils. “I am a teacher to serve knowledge to others. To be a good teacher, you must treat all pupils equally and come to school happy,” she says.

According to Bharathi, a motivated teacher makes a motivated pupil. She says: “No matter the level of the child, you must motivate them and help them. I like to make sure that slower learners are always confident to ask questions.”

In her spare time, Bharathi is very close to her family. She loves to relax and spend time with them and is very thankful for all they have done in allowing her to live her dream.