Meet Khamarjahan, a devoted teacher that spends her time making sure that her pupils get as much as they possibly can from her lessons. She teaches Standard 2 at Telaprolu Academy where she says, “I enjoy every single day.”

“It’s always a pleasure to teach my Standard 2 class. My pupils are very attentive, and I can always see how much effort they put into their work.”  

Before becoming a teacher, she studied Biotechnology at university then realised that teaching was her calling. “While studying at university, I could see just how much time and effort professors put in to helping their pupils understand. They really showed how much they cared. Due to this, I decided that the best way I could help others was through teaching.”

Back at school, she’s always delighted when pupils answer questions correctly; she believes this shows that they’ve understood what she’s teaching.

“The teaching at a Bridge is great because of the wide array of technologies on offer.” She says. “The tablet is very good because I don’t need to plan the lessons beforehand.”

The positive feedback that Khamarjahan receives from parents is a testament to how much of an impact she’s having on her pupils. “I makes me so happy,” she smiles.