Jhansib is a fun teacher! She feels immense pride in the vast improvements of her pupils—she teaches Standard 3 at Telaprolu Academy, where she’s been a teacher for two years.

Her favourite subject to teach to her pupils is Maths. “I like teaching Maths, my pupils are getting better all the time,” she smiles.

She tells us the main thing that she learnt from her teacher training was that it is vitally important to have a positive relationship with her pupils. “I enjoy techniques like keeping my class positive, it motivates the children. I get good feedback from parents as they can tell that their children are learning well.”

At home, Jhansib lives with her Mum and Dad. She says: “Without them, I wouldn’t have had the belief that I could be where I am today! I thank them for everything.”

“I should also thank everybody at Telaprolu Academy for giving me their support too!” she concludes.