Frizy Rayapudi

Frizy Rayapudi is the five-year-old daughter of a housewife and a municipal office worker. She goes to Bridge, Telaprolu in Andhra Pradesh, south-east India. 

Before joining Bridge, Frizy lacked confidence and shied away from interacting with other children. Now her parents and teachers say they’ve noticed a huge transformation in her at school, where she regularly makes new friends. Together, Frizy and her friends like to sing and make up new songs.

When she’s home from school, Frizy sits on her mother’s knee and tells her everything she’s learned that day. This positive difference to their child’s character is something that makes her parents proud of their choice of school. Her mother says: “I never thought that my child would speak so happily and confidently to other people, but Bridge has shown in very little time how much potential she has, I am so happy for her! She is very happy too.”