Meet Devi, a proud mother of two children who study at Bridge, Telaprolu. She believes that sending her children to Bridge was the best decision she’s ever made!

Devi has two children. Niharik is in Standard 2 and Devandra Kumar is in Nursery.

“The reason that I decided to send my children to Bridge was because I heard from friends that the school was performing well, and better than other ones nearby,” she narrates.

Devi’s husband also agreed that sending their children to Bridge, Telaprolu was the best decision. He works as a day labourer, and some of his colleagues told him about Bridge and the wonderful work they do.

Devi says that the best thing about the school is the teaching: “I can see that the teachers are very caring to the children. Now, they can all speak fluent English and have great communication skills.”