Allu Vijaya Lakshmi

Meet Allu Vijaya Lakshmi, a dedicated teacher that always tries to get the best from her pupils.

Lakshmi teaches her Nursery class at Bridge, Yellamanchili. Since joining the school, she has absolutely loved every minute. “It’s definitely the friendliest school I’ve taught at. The community is very friendly, and the teachers are very helpful,” she says.

Furthermore, Lakshmi believes that she has become a better teacher since joining Bridge. She explains: “The training I went to before joining the school was great. I learnt new things that I had never heard of before and was supported by all the trainers. I will never forget it.”

The reason that Lakshmi enjoys her teaching so much is that she knows that she can make a difference in the lives of all of her pupils. “I know that I can help them improve. I can see a big difference in my pupils’ work, all 21 of them!” she beams.

In her spare time, Allu Vijaya Lakshmi likes to spend time with her family—who she says have supported her in achieving her dream of becoming a teacher.