We believe it’s important for children to have a holistic education and that education is best when it combines the pursuit of academic excellence with the development of character. That’s why we’re proud of our co-curricular activities, and why our pupils are excelling inside–and outside–the classroom.

By participating in a wide range of co-curricular activities, our pupils have the opportunity to pursue their passions, and develop skills such as leadership and teamwork.

For many in our communities, the opportunity to participate in tournaments, festivals and competitions opens up a whole new world of travel and experience that they may not otherwise be exposed to.


Arts and craft

Arts and crafts are essential to develop creative skills in children. They allow for self-expression, cultural enrichment and a whole host of non-academic benefits such as improved self-esteem, improved socialising and better hand-eye coordination.


Song and dance is an important part of community life. Pupils take part in performances; festivals and events across the country, giving them an opportunity to showcase their skills. They often compete in music competitions and do really well at local, regional and national levels.

Science club

Science club builds on essential learning skills such as critical thinking, thought processes and experimentation to develop a child’s confidence and curiosity about the world around them, including how and why things work.